TeBri will be open again 
Memorial, Labor, and Thanksgiving Weekends



Don’t forget to peek into the Lavender 'Tique 

  • TeBri 100% Buena Vista Lavender Oil
  • TeBri 100% Buena Vista Lavender Hydrosol
    Dried Lavender Bouquets
    Gurgle Pots
  • Ask Therese about those Hard Milled LaLavende Soaps!
  • TeBri Hats and Aprons
  • Unique Barrel Stave Coat Racks (Supplies dwindling!)

  • Call, email or text 
  • for wine tasting by appointment 
  • For your party of four or more. 
  • email:  pinot@tebri.com     text: 541.740.8541

(If you are visiting another Monroe Hills Winery on any of our closed weekends,  Sweet Earth, Broadley, or Bluebird Hill, give us a quick call or text and if we're here working in the vineyard, we'll open the door for a little wine tasting, lavender inhaling, and relaxing, just for you!) 


TeBri is dedicated to crafting outstanding estate wines that capture the essence of the pinot noir grape and the unique expression of our vineyard.

TeBri will be open one weekend in June for 
Date to be determined when the bees decide.  

Please visit http://www.oregonlavenderdestinations.com
for more information on larger festival activities in the area 
taking place the second weekend in July.  

Google Maps will tell you turn at Alpine Rd coming from Corvallis. 
The following will keep you off that dirt road:

We're located in the Monroe Hills 1.4 miles off of Hwy 99w, 
right about in the center between Corvallis and Eugene, Oregon.  
As you're coming from Eugene, into the huge metropolis of Monroe, 
turn left off 99 on Orchard Street, just before the Long Branch. 
(Turn RIGHT, after the Long Branch, if you're coming from Corvallis.)  
Follow Orchard St. as it turns into Coon Road, about 1.4 miles. 
Turn RIGHT on Orchard Tract Road.  
We are on your left, just up the road, TeBri Way. 
When you see the 35 Arborvitae along the drive, White Gazebo in the vines,
and Yellow Barn with Black Shutters, you're there!

(If Nettie comes running out to usher you down the driveway, roll down your window and tell her to go home.  She usually obliges.  We'll deal with the renegade when she returns! )  

We have a couple of escape-artist chickens,

a very old finicky cat, and two and a half canine greeters.  

There's no shade in the parking area, so please leave your best friends home safe and sound for the day! 

Thank you! 

                                  NOTE NEW TEXT AND PHONE # 541.740.8541

Now, if you've reached the bottom of this page (that's set up slightly like one of those very long infomercials) and are still reading, we'd like to offer you a free wine tasting if you come to the winery and tell Brian where you saw this offer!  See you soon!