Our Family

TeBri is a small vineyard and lavender farm owned, operated and worked by Therese, Brian, and their three grown children, Keegan (wife Lisa), Forest and Ailiah, with most of the supervision duties falling to their first-born grandson Cedar Weston.

After meeting on the ski slopes of Lake Tahoe, it was apparent that one of the many things we shared was a love of good food and good wine. Over the next thirty years we shared our lives in Lake Tahoe, raising our family and pursuing our respective careers as firefighter and doula. We shared and often expressed a dream of growing grapes and making wine. So, after finding just the right vineyard in just the right place we moved from our home in Lake Tahoe to Oregon to pursue our dream.

Though our two sons still live and work in Tahoe, and our daughter just completed her degree from Oregon State University, they come to the vineyard whenever they are able to lend a hand for any task. Our children and their families bless us and make the pursuit of this TeBri Vineyard worthwhile.

~ "À la beaucoup vie après le feu!" ~