Our Vineyard

When we talk about great wines there is an often-used cliché that great wines are grown in the vineyard, not made in the winery. Not to detract from winemakers or the art of winemaking, the simple truth is great wines need great grapes.  It was knowing the importance of just the right vineyard in the perfect site that led us here.  

The Monroe Hills, located in the southern Willamette Valley are known to produce some of the most highly regarded pinot noir wines in Oregon.  The unique micro-climate is in the "rain shadow" of the highest Oregon coastal mountain peaks.  This results in weather that is a little warmer and a little drier, allowing our grapes to develop fuller ripeness and flavors.


Our vineyard consists of seven acres of pinot noir vines planted from four different clones in distinct blocks. Each block provides subtly different grapes that capture a more varied range of flavors, giving the winemaker a broader pallet from which to make our finished wines. 

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