Our Wine

Authentic Estate Pinot Noir  Wines


Pinot Noir  wine made in a style that captures the true qualities of the pinot noir grape is the most distinctive and captivating of red wines.  At TeBri  our goal is to make “authentic” pinot noir that is true to the pinot noir grape. Another cliché about winemaking is the best wines are not made and manipulated by a winemaker, but a wine that makes itself.  This is especially true in the case of pinot noir and a winemaking philosophy to which we subscribe.


Although originally used to describe a style of art and design, minimalism, or a minimalistic approach, exactly describes our winemaking philosophy. First and foremost, we start with grapes from our estate vineyard where every vine is cared for like it's our only vine. Then, the grapes are harvested by hand and taken to the winery where they are gently de-stemmed and placed in small fermentation tanks.  The juices from the berries mix with the skins and begin to extract color and flavors.  After several days the "must" (mixture of skins and juice) is allowed to warm, and fermentation begins from vineyard-native yeasts.  The must is allowed to find its own temperature rather than being heated.  This allows for a cooler, longer fermentation resulting in the preservation and accentuation of the many pinot noir fruit flavors. The newly fermented wine is then racked into French oak barrels where it will remain on the lees for 12-18 months until it is ready for bottling. 


By combining great grapes, grown in a great location with a minimalist winemaking style, we strive to make authentic wines that you will be proud to share with your family and friends.

From the first glance of its color, the first sniff of the aroma, through the final sip, we offer you a wine that captures the essence of pinot noir.